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Cover Reveal: Five Star Review by Sebastian Sharpe

Five Star Review by Sebastian Sharpe is releasing May 29th and today is cover reveal day! Make sure you preorder this snowed in MM romance today!

Cover Designer: Leslia T.



Jeremy Rhodes never quite fit into the mould his small town of Kirkby had cast for him. With a sharp mind for numbers and a drive to escape the confines of his upbringing, he carved a path through the financial district of Liverpool, rising as a standout investments handler and stock trader. Bust as his success soared, so did the weight of his secrets.

When an opportunity for corporate recognition leads him to a prestigious retreat in the tranquil lake district, Jeremy finds himself facing unexpected twists of fate. Amidst the opulence of Coleridge Manor, where the air is thick with promises and second chances, he grapples with desires that have long since been kept buried.

Yet, it was a chance encounter at Pierre’s, a local French bistro, that ignited a spark Jeremy never anticipated. With Liquid courage and a daring impulse, he finds himself entangled with Phillip, a charismatic waiter whose allure proves impossible to resist. But as passion collides with reality, Jeremy is forced to confront the consequences of his actions and the depths of his own desires.


As a waiter at Pierre’s, Phillip’s days usually follow a predictable rhythm, serving up dishes and smiles of the patrons of Liverpool. But when Jeremy Rhodes strolls into the café, Phillip’s world is thrown off its axis. There’s something magnetic about the way Jeremy carries himself, something that draws Phillip in with an irresistible force.

Their encounter is a whirlwind of unexpected passion and stolen moments, leaving Phillip dizzy with desire and craving more. Yet, beneath the heat of their attraction lied a complicated web of emotions, as Jeremy grapples with the weight of his choices and secrets he guards closely.

When fate reunites them at Coleridge Manor, Phillip finds himself navigating the delicate balance between heartache and hope. Caught in the crossfire of Jeremy’s inner turmoil, Phillip must decide whether to fight for the pull of their connection or give him up once and for all.

In a story woven with longing and laughter, Jeremy and Phillip must confront the regret of the past, the desire of the present and the fear of a future neither of them saw coming.

About the Author:

Sebastian Sharpe is a M/M Romance author based in the North West of the UK. His storytelling is fairly eclectic with novels ranging from RomCom, Fantasy Romance, High and Low Angst, Bully Romance to Best friends / Lovers tropes. He enjoys a good game night as well as spending time with his husband and son.

Author Links:

facebook: - It does lead back to my profile (Previous name change)

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