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Cover Reveal: Level Him Up by CoraLee

Level Him Up, the third in the Her Office series within the Her World universe by CoraLee is spicing up your Kindle on May 3rd! Are you ready for this hidden identity gamer romance?

Cover Designer: Brittany Franks with Chaotic Creatives


In the game of love, I'm playing both sides of the screen. 

My real-life fling? He's head over virtual heels for someone else. 

Spoiler alert: It's me, or rather, the pixelated version of me he teams up with for online gaming. He’s clueless that his real-life casual hookup and his digital dream girl are one and the same.

Here’s the twist: Everett told me, straight-up, he’s not interested in a real-world romance with me, holding out for his perfect match from the game. So, what’s a girl to do? I keep it casual IRL while making him fall madly in love with me online.

"Level Him Up" isn’t just a story—it’s a high-stakes flirtation across two realities. Can I make him see that his ideal girl isn’t just a fantasy? Or are we doomed to love in parallel universes? Dive into this tale of secret identities, heart-flipping romance, and the quest to find love where you least expect it—both onscreen and off. It's messy, it's thrilling, and it just might be true love.

About the Author:

Hey, I'm CoraLee. You can think of me as a kind of fictional matchmaker. I turn awkward first kisses into something resembling a novel. It’s a niche gig, but hey, it’s mine.

My origin story doesn't involve radioactive spiders or distant galaxies, but it does include a stint as a librarian with a voracious appetite for books and an English degree from Texas State that was more a testament to my prowess in daydreaming than anything else. These days, I’m crafting stories that often surprise even myself, all while navigating life’s plot twists in Dallas with a squad that includes three kids and a husband who’s still trying to figure out if he’s a supporting character or just comic relief.

What you really need to know about me is this: I have a knack for finding the humor in the mundane, the kind of dry wit that makes life’s unpredictable narrative bearable—and sometimes even enjoyable. If you’re looking for a ride through the ups and downs of human emotion, with a stop or two for some heartwarming chuckles, you’ve found your ticket.

Welcome to my slice of the world, a place where love, laughter, and a touch of awkwardness collide to create something truly memorable. For a front-row seat to the spectacle, be sure to visit

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