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Cover Reveal: Petals & Promises by Elizabeth Knight

Petals & Promises, book two in the Sunshine & Rainbows Omegaverse by Elizabeth Knight is coming 12/29! Check out this stunning cover for the continuation of Bailey-Rose's story!

Cover Designer: Brittany Franks with Chaotic Creatives


Bailey-Rose once believed she would forever be alone, packless, and seen as broken… but all that’s changed.

Randall, Bailey-Rose’s ex-boyfriend, tries to steal her away but only ends up sending her to the hospital in need of life saving surgery. While the situation was dire, the outcome has given Bailey-Rose a second chance to grab life by the horns and experience what it truly means to be an Omega.

Her new lease on life is bittersweet as Randall is still eluding police leaving her on edge. In an effort to keep their Omega safe, and spend some well deserved time together, after Bailey-Rose’s recovery, her Alphas decided it’s time to get out of town. Together they grow and learn how to be the family each of them need, healing old wounds, and experiencing a love that will last for the ages.

Trigger Warnings:

gaslighting/manipulation from ex boyfriend, medical trauma, medical conversations/surgery, toxic parents/family, exhibition, DVP, group sex, dirty talk,

Author Bio:

Writing has been a hobby for Elizabeth for the past six years. However, it wasn't always something she thought they could make a living with. After her other job was shut down due to the pandemic she was encouraged to take her writing more seriously. So she published her first reverse harem Discovering Synergy April 2020.

​Since then her passion has turned into a profession, Elizabeth has written prolifically and is constantly exploring new genres and ideas, putting her own twist on things. It’s incredibly hard work, but she's never been happier than when she sits down at her desk with new imaginary best friends to share with us all.

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