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Cover Reveal: Scandal by T. Ashleigh

Scandal by T. Ashleigh is coming August 22nd and we have the HOT cover to share with you today!

About Scandal

Welcome to Black Diamond Resort and Spa…

I come from a long line of con artists and crooks. In a family where money and power outweigh integrity, there’s only been one person I could always count on.

My best friend, my other half, my twin; until he betrayed me.

Thanks to his lies, both my family and the media are breathing down my neck, giving me no choice but to ‘seek help’ at some fancy rehab resort.

Whatever. I’ll do my time, go through the motions with this stupid five-step program, then wash my hands of this place and my past.

But why not have a little fun while I’m here?

Specifically, with the mysterious man I feel a strong, undeniable pull toward.

At first, it’s just sex—a way to decompress after everything I’ve been through. Only we grow closer, and I catch feelings, despite thinking I’d never trust anyone again.

Big mistake.

It turns out, the person I fell for is not who I thought he was. And I don’t know what’s worse—my shattered heart or the scandal that caused it.

Meet T. Ashleigh

T. Ashleigh is romance author living in South Carolina with her husband and two kids. When she’s not enjoying a glass a wine and some fries, you can find her relaxing or typing away at her computer about stories that show that love is love.

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