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New Release: Level Him Up by CoraLee

Time to Level Him Up! The latest release from CoraLee is out now for you to dive into!

Cover Designer: Brittany Franks with Chaotic Creatives


In the game of love, I'm playing both sides of the screen. 

My real-life fling? He's head over virtual heels for someone else. 

Spoiler alert: It's me, or rather, the pixelated version of me he teams up with for online gaming. He’s clueless that his real-life casual hookup and his digital dream girl are one and the same.

Here’s the twist: Everett told me, straight-up, he’s not interested in a real-world romance with me, holding out for his perfect match from the game. So, what’s a girl to do? I keep it casual IRL while making him fall madly in love with me online.

"Level Him Up" isn’t just a story—it’s a high-stakes flirtation across two realities. Can I make him see that his ideal girl isn’t just a fantasy? Or are we doomed to love in parallel universes? Dive into this tale of secret identities, heart-flipping romance, and the quest to find love where you least expect it—both onscreen and off. It's messy, it's thrilling, and it just might be true love.

About the Author:

CoraLee: Whipping up characters that go deep, bring the laughs, and stir the heart. Also known as the angsty author CoraLee June, "CoraLee" is the name stamping those rom-com pages. Ex-librarian and Texas State English grad (where daydreaming was practically a major), CoraLee is now writing books that make her giggle, while navigating Dallas life with three mini sidekicks and a hubby still figuring out the plot twist he’s in. CoraLee has a flair for turning every day into a comedy skit. Welcome to the chaos.

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