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New Release: Nixon by Laura John

Nixon by Laura John is now LIVE!

About Nixon


I’ve got the job of my dreams, more money than I know what to do with, and a beautiful woman on my arm. What more could a guy ask for? To be able to stop lying to the world maybe? But I’ve spent most of my life lying… why should I stop now?

However It’s always when life gets comfortable that your world gets flipped upside down. Now I have someone trying to expose my deepest secret to the world and possibly trying to kill me, but that’s not the worst part. No, the worst part is the sexy bodyguard who is now my permanent shadow. Nixon is fucking perfection and I’m pretty sure he is the key to my undoing.


I’ve worked with lots of celebrities but none of them had me losing my resolve and making my hand twitch like Dante Michaelson.

Dante is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, a brat who would look fantastic bent over my knees with a red ass. Of course he is so deep in the closet he’s made friends with the dust bunnies.

I should push Dante away and assign him a different bodyguard, but I can’t. The moment my eyes land on him all I want to do is protect him, while also fixing that smart mouth of his. Falling for Dante might be the most dangerous thing I have ever faced. My heart is now on the line.

What happens if I can’t keep him safe?

Meet Laura John

Laura is a steamy romance author from Alberta, Canada, who melds love and angst together while normalizing mental illness. In her books, you will fall in love with her rock stars, bodyguards, baseball players, a small town and even a hired hit man!

When she’s not writing, Laura enjoys reading, going to concerts, hiking, and experimenting with makeup! Music means everything to her, so make sure to check out her playlists to get a sneak peek into what inspires her!

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