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New Release: Oleander by Charli Meadows

Oleander, the first in the Elemental Desires series, by Charli Meadows is officially live! Time to one click this fantasy MM Romance today!

Cover Designer: Silver Grace



Even though I am a Fae prince and the heir to the Aurorian throne, I’ve locked myself away for the past five years, refusing to use my magic. I’m a toxic disaster waiting to be unleashed. My power is dangerous. Lethal. The kingdom is better off without me.

But my mother is the queen, and by her royal decree, I must attend Elemental Academy alongside my twin brother, Flame. I’ll be king one day, and the clock is ticking to prove that I can control my power. My poison.

I don’t have to search very far before I find someone willing to help me practice my magic. However, as our connection deepens, I start to second guess using my new friend to learn how to control the toxins festering inside of me. I’ve been hiding in the dark for years, but Skyler’s aura is too bright to ignore, which terrifies me because one kiss could extinguish it forever.


I’ve been an Air Fae for all of one week before I’m kidnapped, taken to another world, and forced to enroll in some kind of supernatural academy. Although, I have no one to blame but myself after I accidentally created a devastating tornado and sent it tearing through my hometown.

It turns out I’m half-human, half-Fae, and I need to learn control. So, I’m biding my time, following the rules, but I don’t belong here. I’m determined to leave, and my only way home just might be an intriguing fairy prince who shows up late and keeps to himself. He’s an outsider like me, and if the rumors are true, then rightfully so.

His kiss is poison, but I’m reckless, headstrong, and ready to tempt fate.

Trigger Warnings: Fantasy Violence

Author Bio:

Charli Meadows is an obsessive reader, avid Bookstagrammer-turned PA, and now an author herself. Lover of all things romance, she plans to write a little bit of everything but make it sweet and spicy.

You can usually find Charli working her boring corporate job or at home playing video games. When she’s not reading, writing, or daydreaming about books, that is.

Author Links:

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