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New Release + Review: Been There Dragon That by Krystal Shannan

Heather's ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review~ Been There Dragon That is a sweet swoon-worthy read that will make your heart melt. Rylee is our heroine that walks in on her fiancé and his secretary having a little afternoon delight. She decides she needs to someplace new to recuperate and decides on Alaska. Upon entering the little town she will be staying in she lays her eyes on the sexiest man she has ever seen. Wrath is the town of Mystery's deputy sheriff and knows she is his the moment he lays eyes on her. What Rylee didn't anticipa7is her past making an appearance in town. With another mystery taken place in town, and with things happening around her we get to see just how possessive Wrath truly is about his mate.

Their story is a sweet swoon-worthy story that will make you wish that the men of Mystery, Alaska were real. Highly recommend this book. I will say there are characters that are in other books in this book. I didn't feel lost when reading this book, but it did make my TBR list grow since I need to read about the other characters as well. LOL

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