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New Release & Review: Heart Of My Monster by Rina Kent

Heather's ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review~ What an ending! WOW. We get the ending to Kirill and Sasha's story.

We pick up right where book 2 leaves off. Kirill is doing what he does best and has manipulated all the pieces on his chess board to get what he has worked so hard for. As his secretiveness and planning has finally given him what he has worked so hard for there was a sinister plan being executed without him knowing. He is bound and determined to right a wrong he feels has been done to him. He proves there is nothing he will not do for the one he loves. Sasha is bound and determined to do what is right. At the end of book 2 her life had just been flipped upside down. She was unsure of what was right and what she was seeing. Without giving too much away she does what is expected of her until she decides that it is ok have something of her own. Whether it be her life with Kirill or her loyalty to her family. She still has her backbone and is not afraid to stand up to anyone who doesn't agree. She finally gets to be who she is, and she finally just gets to be...These two learn just exactly what a family is whether blood or not.

The twist, the turns, and the tangled web of deceit that is woven within these pages will have you on the edge of your street. The secondary story written within these pages had me intrigued as well. I love the fact that Rina did this. Here is to hoping we may get a little more of that story.

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