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New Release + Review: rich Boy by Ruby Wolff

Heather's ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review:

What a twisted tangled web of WOW!!!. We start off with Blake our alpha-hole(to the core) main character who is seeking revenge. He makes no qualms about the fact that he is out for the pound of flesh and he plans on extracting it by anyway he deems necessary. He has his eyes set on our sweet heroine and is bound and determined to break her, to bring her to her to her knees, to ruin her and everything she loves. August is our sweet sweet heroine who is bearing the grunt of Blake's revenge plot. She has her own past trauma she is dealing with and cannot make him understand that she is not the enemy. I wanted to hate Blake, but I could not, because no matter how despicable he was he had and end end game and he truly has a heart. These two truly complete each other with the way he is dark and twisted where she is light and everything good in the world.

The story is well written along with great world and character building. We get a glimpse into a few secondary characters and what little glimpse we do get has me completely intrigued.

This book is one tangled web of lies and dishonesty. I enjoyed every dark delicious bit of this book and am need of the next installment ASAP!

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