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New Release + Review: Runaway Omega by Ember L Nicole

Runaway Omega, a slow burn emotional sweetverse by Ember L. Nicole is out now! Snag your copy today to dive into this world!


Mom told me I was a beta.

She lied.

I’m an omega.

I'd always lived a quiet, ordinary life. I never expected anything special would happen to me, but after I present as an omega, my whole world changes. I lose my home, my family, and even my identity. Then there’s the alpha my mom promised me to. A man as wealthy as he is cruel.

Now I live in a gilded cage, my life full of constant abuse, and one I dream of escaping. When my alpha throws yet another party to show me off, I see a chance to run and take it. Society says no omega can last long without her alpha, but after a year spent covering bruises, I’m willing to risk it. And if I go into heat? I’ll deal with that problem when I’m far, far away from him.

In my desperate bid for freedom, I run into three hot-as-hell alphas who smell as good as they look. Not only do they notice my bruises, they can’t miss the way I flinch away from their touch. Yet to my surprise, when trouble hurtles our way, they take over my escape and carry me away to their mansion. I’ll be safe there, they say. I wish I could believe them.

These men seem to want to protect me, but I know all the cruel things one alpha is capable of. But being at the mercy of three of them?

Runaway Omega is a standalone non-shifter Omegaverse. It features 3 sweet & protective alphas caring for an abused & traumatized omega in need of love & healing. It contains explicit sexual content including group scenes and DVP. There is no MM in this book. Suitable for readers over 18.

Trigger Warnings:

Contains darker themes including: human trafficking, abduction, discussions about fertility, SA (not from harem), abuse (physical, mental, and emotional—not from harem), forced institutionalization (not from harem), controlling of food (not by harem) which leads to disordered eating.

Author Bio:

Ember loves sweet heroes who know how to take care of their girl, both in and out of the bedroom.

Author Links:

Instagram: @authorembernicole

Heather's ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review:

Runaway Omega is a toothachingly sweet omegaverse must read. I will say there were parts that were not all that sweet and had me ready to claw a certain alpha's eyes out, BUT for the most part it was a sweet story.

Everleigh had been made to believe many things through her life until the time came where she was promised to a man who treated her more like a possession than a person. She has hopes and dreams and wants to make them come true. One fateful night she decides to do this that is when she runs into 3 very handsome alpha's who take it upon themselves to help the little omega.

This is where the story takes a turn. We begin to learn of Everleigh's past and this is where my heart began to hurt for her. I knew it was going to take her awhile to find herself, but when she did I knew she would not disappoint. We get to watch her grow and experience things she never thought would be possible.

The storyline is well written and does not end on a cliffhanger but does end open ended if that makes sense.

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