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New Release: Spark of Wrath by E.M. Lindsey

Spark of Wrath, book four in the Carnal Tower series, by E.M. Lindsey is officially live! Snag your copy today to devour this MM romance today!


“From a little spark may burst a mighty flame.” - Dante Alighieri

He is Wrath—and always will be. His anger knows no bounds, rooted deep in his soul and he would be nothing without it.

Flint has come to terms with his future, and the sort of man he is.




…and alone.

Except there was a man who left as quickly as he’d come into Flint’s life. Tragedy struck and Flint’s waited three long years with nothing but silence.

Then, when he least expects it, Tomás returns, and with him, a promise for more. But there are conditions, because half of Tomás’s heart belongs to another man—one Flint will have to learn to accept if he ever wants a happily ever after.

And while Flint is willing to share, the more time he spends with Luke, the more he realizes his cold, tired heart might have room for one more.

Spark of Wrath is the fourth book in the Carnal Tower series. It features one man defined by his anger, crumbling under the weight of it all, and two others who have room to carry him when he can no longer carry himself. Together they define the merits of sandwich making—because there is a wrong way—how crabs on the beach can be romantic, how lovers can be best friends, and how everyone deserves a happily ever after.

About the Author:

E.M. Lindsey is a non-binary, MM Romance author who lives on the East Coast of the United States.

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