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New Release: Their Ball Boy by Addison Beck

Their Ball Boy, a forbidden MMM romance, from Addison Beck is now live for you to one click!

Cover Designer: Ariadna Basulto with Chaotic Creatives



I’m a walking disaster.

I'm awkward, perpetually uncomfortable, and afraid of everything. Truly an example of natural selection at its worst.

After a series of dead-end jobs, I'm now working with my disappointed dad as a ball boy for his team of superstars. It's the only thing I’ve got going for me, even if I know it's only a matter of time before I fail epically.

Then I meet them.

World-famous soccer players Dalton Cross and Juandi Fernandez couldn’t be any more different. While one relishes control in all aspects of his life, the other takes everything day by day. They’re polar opposites, always butting heads, and always trying to one-up the other.

Somehow they both want me.

Dalton makes me feel safe, protected, and cherished—something no one’s ever cared to do before. Juandi makes me feel wild, free, and courageous—something that was sorely lacking in my sheltered life.

Being with them is a dream I never thought possible for someone like me, but the secrets we buried are surfacing, and I'm worried about what this means for our future together. I’ve never been the main character—never been the chosen one.

But this time, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to hold on to the two things I can't afford to lose.

Their Ball Boy is an insta-attraction, super steamy romance with one bumbling ball boy, two world-famous soccer players, and the spiciness that occurs between the three. Mingle in a grumpy/sunshine trope, first-times, plenty of awakenings, and you’re in for a wild ride. CWs include but are not limited to mental health representation, emotionally distant parents, and 'yes daddy' (no AP). For a full breakdown of TWs and CWs, visit

Author Bio:

Addison Beck is obsessed with the characters in her head and dreams of letting them free in her writing. She loves all things romance, spicy reads, her two cats, and sushi. Now all the craziness in her head is here for your enjoyment.

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