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New Release: Whisper Waves by Blake Black

Whisper Waves by Blake Black is now live! Snag the first in the duet of this paranormal why choose romance today!

Cover Designer: Covers by Ivy


Your deceased loved ones are only a whisper away.

They are still here, still with you, even though you cannot see them.

Unlike me, I can see them just fine.

People call me weird, crazy even, but I only want to help the souls who are trapped in between and the loved ones they leave behind.

Until my good intentions get me locked away and leave me broken and traumatized. So much so, I swear to never talk to a spirit again.

But a road trip through the country—driving away from a home that has nothing left for me—and a night spent in the arms of tequila, helps me find myself in the embrace of a strong and handsome fisherman with ocean blue eyes.

The same ocean blue eyes his three brothers have, including the one who is a ghost.

He needs my help, but can I leave the shadows of my shackles behind to ensure he will find the light?

***WHISPER WAVES is a medium burn, spicy ‘why choose’ paranormal romance. It is the first book of the Soulful Seas Duet and ends on a cliffhanger. The book contains violence, profanity, and sexual content. Some parts may be triggering.***

Trigger Warnings:

grief, loss of a loved one, suicide from a side character, depression, mental health institution, roofied, attempted SA, drowning.

Author Bio:

Blake Black is a debut author with a passion for the reverse harem genre.

As an avid reader and film buff, Blake often found herself questioning why heroines were forced to choose between love interests – why not choose both, or all?

When she’s not crafting her next spicy scene, Blake loves to drive her convertible, soaking in the beauty of nature.

Powered by her favorite energy drinks, she often writes deep into the night, creating stories filled with trauma, healing, and love that illuminates even the darkest corners.

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