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Preorder Blast: Lucky's Trouble. y Misty Walker

Lucky's Trouble, book two in the Sons of Erebus series by Misty Walker is coming November 9th! Check out this dark, obsessed hero MC romance today!

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Model: Victorio Piva


From USA Today bestselling author Misty Walker comes a dark MC romance with touch-her-and-die vibes from an insta-obsessed golden retriever biker.

Tinleigh is a pint-sized, curvy vixen with a darkness in her eyes and a sway to her hips that has me captivated. She’s also the woman her identical twin sister trusts me to look but not touch.

So, was it smart to bring her to the club’s compound and move her into my cabin? Abso-freakin-lutely not. Did I do it anyway? Heck yeah! Haven’t I mentioned how hot she is?

It should be easy to keep my hands off her body and my heart in my chest since her walls are not only up, they’re ten feet deep and lined with barbs. Unfortunately for her, I was never one for self-preservation.

Little by little, she lets me in, and I fall even more for the woman who has been protecting everyone but herself for her whole life.

Well, not anymore. Because when crap goes south with her and her twin’s sleazy abusive ex-boss, she not only has me, she has the entire Sons of Erebus MC backing her up.

Despite my reassurances though, she sacrifices herself and disappears in a desperate, last-ditch effort to protect her sister and keep me at bay.

Now it’s up to me to prove that, for better or worse, she belongs to me. And nothing and no one will stand in my way.

It’s time to go get the girl.

*Lucky's Trouble is a dark motorcycle romance with dual POVs and told in first person. All books in the Sons of Erebus series stand alone but are best read in order. Please check content warnings on author's website.

Author Bio:

Misty Walker is a USA Today Bestselling contemporary romance author.

She reads the way she writes, so in between writing her dark and delicious novels, she'll sneak in a few sweet and steamy ones to "cleanse the palate", as they say.

Author Links:

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