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Preorder Blast: Ocean Echos by Blake Balck

Ocean Echoes, the second book in the Soulful Seas duet from Blake Black is coming April 4th! Make sure you preorder this stunning conclusion of this intense duet today!

Cover Designer: Brittany Franks at Chaotic Creatives


They promised me everything. But when the tides turned and my true self surfaced, their promises washed away with the receding waves.

I forced them to realize their mistake, made them see the truth, even if it meant drowning in my own heartache. Now, they’re sorry, begging for forgiveness. But I’m done with empty words and broken promises.

I would have been happy to leave and never look back, but a rip current keeps pulling me toward them, to face the hurt.

How can I trust them again after they rejected me so fiercely?

OCEAN ECHOES is a medium burn, spicy ‘why choose’ paranormal romance. It is the second book of the Soulful Seas Duet and can't be read as a standalone. Some parts may be triggering.

Author Bio:

Blake Black is a debut author with a passion for the reverse harem genre.

As an avid reader and film buff, Blake often found herself questioning why heroines were forced to choose between love interests – why not choose both, or all?

When she’s not crafting her next spicy scene, Blake loves to drive her convertible, soaking in the beauty of nature.

Powered by her favorite energy drinks, she often writes deep into the night, creating stories filled with trauma, healing, and love that illuminates even the darkest corners.

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