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Preorder Blast: Rockstar Omega by Aria Stormborn & River Ramsey

Rockstar Omega, the first in the Velvet & Venom duet, by Aria Stormborn & River Ramsey is coming March 5th! Make sure you preorder this new adult omegaverse today!

Cover Designer: Zephyrique


A secret omega masquerading as a bad boy singer.

A trio of alpha rockstars watching her every move.

What could go wrong?

By day, I’m Bells, beta party boy rockstar who could drink any alpha under the table. But beneath the leather, chains, and carefully curated persona, I’m Isabel Frost.

An omega.

In a world where omegas are barred from virtually everything, the only way to continue my music career--and escape the demon from my starlet past who forced me into hiding in the first place--was to take on a new identity.

And it worked.

At least until Rex Steele, my worst enemy and the lead guitarist of Velvet & Venom, shows up and blackmails me into becoming the new singer for his band. But Rex only knows I’m a girl, not that I’m an omega. So if I'm going to keep both secrets from the world, I have to hide in plain sight while living my rockstar life and masking my omega scent with heat suppressants and cologne on a tour bus with three alphas.

Alphas whose scents seem to have been tailor made to bring my omega nature clawing back to the surface.

Rockstar Omega is the first book in the Velvet & Venom duet, featuring an omega masquerading as a male beta and her three alpha bandmates who will be her real mates in the end. No choosing, no cheating, no fading to black.

Trigger warnings:

This duet contains the following potentially triggering content: mention of past CSA, mention of a side character's suicide and drug addiction, discussion of mental health, parental neglect, sexism, discrimination against omegas, brief mention of homophobia against a bisexual character, stalking, blackmail between one of the main love interests and the FMC, and alcohol use.

About the Authors:

Aria Stormborn is an author of spicy Why Choose romance. She loves writing emotional, nail-biting stories about smart, strong heroines and the intense alpha males who find their match in them.

River Ramsey is an incorrigible coffee addict who's either agoraphobic or simply prefers reading and writing to dealing with people outside their cottage. When River isn't writing about headstrong heroines, sexy bad boys, and strong alpha males, their time is spent watching true crime documentaries and struggling in vain to keep their dogs (and husband) out of their office.

Author Links:

Aria Stormborn

River Ramsey

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