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Preorder Blast: Wicked Ties by Susana Mohel

Wicked Ties, a he fell first, star crossed lovers romance from Susana Mohels is coming November 27th! Time to preorder what is sure to be a scorching fairytale retelling!


I was trying to do the right thing, not looking for trouble.

What would you do if you found a wounded man on the sidewalk? Call 911 and stay with him until his family arrives at the hospital, right? So I did, then I went back to my life.

Except, he vowed to find me. And he did.

Scorching hot sports agent, Percival Hills.

He claims I saved him, and in return, he’s offered to give me whatever I want.

I just wanted fun, and he promised to deliver.

It started as a wicked game of pleasure, and then everything changed.

Will the ties that bind us keep us together or tear us apart?

Author Bio:

Susana Mohel is a USA Today best-selling author whose stories sizzle like the sunshine in her Southern California mountains.

Her fast-paced, angsty contemporary romance novels transport readers to a world of spunky heroines and hunky heroes who find their way to a happily ever after... with plenty of spiced-up moments along the way.

When she's not writing, Susana can be found wandering the trails along with her husband or creating chaos in her garden.

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