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Preorder Blast: Win Him Over by CoraLee

Are you ready to Win Him Over? The second book in the Her World universe by CoraLee is coming March 29th!

Cover Designer: Brittany Franks with Chaotic Creatives


From CoraLee comes a sizzling romcom set in the power corridors of Washington D.C., where high stakes and high society meet head-on. 

Nursing a broken heart, I’ve sworn off love, especially the kind that comes with a hefty bank account and a power suit. Then, Spencer Beckett enters the scene: the dashing Pentagon icon and the very definition of everything I vowed to avoid. But fate has a funny way of playing its cards.

Tasked with securing a vital military contract for Thertech, I find myself in the heart of D.C. politics, a world glittering with glamor and riddled with challenges. Spencer, with his disarming charm and infuriating smirk, makes it difficult to remember my no-romance rule. As professional lines blur into personal territory, I’m left wondering: am I negotiating a contract or navigating the complexities of my heart?

Caught in a whirlwind of power, passion, and politics, I’m faced with the ultimate question: Can I close the deal without opening my heart to the risk of love again?

About the Author:

CoraLee: Whipping up characters that go deep, bring the laughs, and stir the heart. Also known as the angsty author CoraLee June, "CoraLee" is the name stamping those rom-com pages. Ex-librarian and Texas State English grad (where daydreaming was practically a major), CoraLee is now writing books that make her giggle, while navigating Dallas life with three mini sidekicks and a hubby still figuring out the plot twist he’s in. CoraLee has a flair for turning every day into a comedy skit. Welcome to the chaos.

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