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Review Tour: Frozen In Time by Crystal North

Frozen in Time by Crystal North is out in the wild with new content and so much more! Snuggle up to warm yourself up with this why choose paranormal romance today!

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Forsaken Vows. A Shift in Time. And Four Gods Who Threaten To Tear Apart The Very Fabric of her Entire World...and Soul...

Soraya thought her wedding day would be unforgettable, but finding her fiancé cheating moments before the 'I do', passing out at the altar, and waking up in an entirely different world — or rather, a different time — surrounded by gods who are as infuriating as they are irresistible was not what she had in mind.

Thrust into a realm where time bends and gods feud, Soraya finds herself playing peacemaker to feuding Norse gods, each a walking embodiment of desire and power, and more breathtaking than the last.

Cursed to stay locked within time and space, Thor, Loki, Sky, and Ivan never expected Soraya to drop into their prison. But as their fates intertwine, and they find themselves navigating through a maze of passion, intrigue, and simmering tensions, one thing becomes clear: Soraya is not only the key to their salvation; she is the missing piece in their fractured existence.

As tensions simmer and egos clash, Soraya can’t deny that all four Norsemen have woven themselves into her heart. Somewhere between keeping the peace, navigating her new reality, their electrifying touches, and lingering looks, they start to challenge everything she thought she knew about love. 

And in the process, they begin to unravel secrets that promise to change everything.

Trigger Warnings:

Pregnancy in the epilogue, FMC has lost her entire family in a ‘home invasion gone wrong’ (actually a murder), she finds her husband to be cheating on her the morning of the wedding and he’s also a controlling asshole but these are glossed over pretty quickly

About the Author:

Crystal is a full time romance author, after finally leaving education for good (hurrah!).

As well as writing, she's raising her savage, half-feral son, her man-child husband, their needy fur baby, and her many houseplants, pet rocks and shiny crystals.

She likes to read dark, twisty, stabby, steamy books, and dream up wicked new cliffhangers to torture her readers with. And if she ever finds herself with mystical ‘free time’, she spends it reading her never ending TBR pile, which she bets you can relate to.

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