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Review Tour: House of Malak by Crea Reitan

House of Malak, a why choose romance from Crea Reitan is available now! Time to dive into the world of The Harem Project today!

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I’m the Director of Haven, a newly established sanctuary for all the misused and mistreated humans that The Harem Project recovers from the Division of Silence. I have my hands full, trying to save as many lives as I can. 

Then a chance meeting has me virtually running into the men that hold a piece of my heavenly soul and my world shifts. My sense of duty pulls me to focus on Haven, but my instincts insist I make these men mine. 

Finding balance isn’t easy, but somehow I manage to find peace in both the professional and personal aspects of my life. I can do this. I can do good and make my home with these divine men.

My name is Tatum and I just joined an all out war with a family whose power is such a threat to the monsters of Silence that we’re nearly number one on their hit list. Instead of waiting for them to target our family, we just jumped into the massacre happening before us.


This is a LGBT+ story with content not intended for those under 18 years of age due to graphic scenes and situations.

About the Author:

Crea lives in upstate New York with her dog and husband. She has been writing since grade school, when her second grade teacher had her class keep writing journals. She has a habit of creating secondary, and often time tertiary, characters that take over her stories. All of her RH relationships end up being heavily polyamorous - meaning it’s not just all the men for one woman. There’s also some M/M action going on. When she can’t fall asleep at night, she thinks up new scenes for her characters to act out. This, of course, is how most of her meant-to-be-thrown-away characters tend to end up front and center - and utterly swoon-worthy! Don’t ask her how many book boyfriends she has…

When not writing, Crea is an avid reader. Her TBR pile is several hundred books high (don’t even look at her kindle wish list or the unread books on her tablet). Sometimes, she enjoys crafting; sometimes, exploring nature; sometimes, traveling. Mostly, she enjoys putting her characters on paper and breathing life into them. Oh, and sleeping. Crea loves to sleep!

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