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Review Tour: Omegas of Chaingate by Crea Reitan

We're on tour with Omega of Chaingate by Crea Reitan

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About Omegas of Chaingate

Possessions. Toys. Breeders.

That’s how omegas and betas are kept in the city of Chaingate. Alphas rule the city, owning the other designations as if they were play things instead of people. Alphas are raised cruel, bloodthirsty, and harsh.

Alpha Nicolai tried to be like the others. He was accepted into one of the biggest alpha packs, one that owned twelve omegas. The alpha pack that ran the city. But try as he may, Nicolai couldn’t bring himself to possess an omega or mistreat a beta.

Having reached his limit trying to live up to the expectations placed on him, Nicolai ran in the middle of the night, taking two omegas with him - the omega that claims his heart and the one his omega loves. He knows that it’ll be a life on the road for them but he vowed to keep them safe. To fight for their freedom. It wasn’t long before they saw that the rest of the world wasn’t like Chaingate. And neither were other alphas.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve seen the last of the city they fled. Betas may disappear from Chaingate from time to time, but no one was going to look the other way when two omegas vanish in the night.


This is a LGBT+ story with content not intended for those under 18 years of age due to graphic scenes and situations.

Author Bio:

Crea lives in upstate New York with her dog and husband. She has been writing since grade school, when her second grade teacher had her class keep writing journals. She has a habit of creating secondary, and often time tertiary, characters that take over her stories. All of her RH relationships end up being heavily polyamorous - meaning it’s not just all the men for one woman. There’s also some M/M action going on. When she can’t fall asleep at night, she thinks up new scenes for her characters to act out. This, of course, is how most of her meant-to-be-thrown-away characters tend to end up front and center - and utterly swoon-worthy! Don’t ask her how many book boyfriends she has…

When not writing, Crea is an avid reader. Her TBR pile is several hundred books high (don’t even look at her kindle wish list or the unread books on her tablet). Sometimes, she enjoys crafting; sometimes, exploring nature; sometimes, traveling. Mostly, she enjoys putting her characters on paper and breathing life into them. Oh, and sleeping. Crea loves to sleep!

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