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Review Tour: The Naughty List by Jade West

The Naughty List, a forbidden, BDSM holiday novel from Jade West is available now for a snuggle in holiday read!

One click your Naughty copy here!


I’ll be all alone this Christmas, broken by a pile of debt from my cheating ex, and desperate to be with my family on the other side of the world.

I’ll do anything I can to afford the flights.


Thank God, I have a friend online who can help me out. A friend who introduces me to the agency she works for, and blows my dirty mind open wide.

There’s lot of money to be made – so long as you’re willing to get down and filthy for it.

And me? Desperate to spend the holidays with my family?

I’ll be doing everything on the Naughty List I possibly can…

Author’s note: If you’ve read any of my books before, you’ll know what to expect from me. Imagine pulling the kinks from my other stories, packing them up into one extra filthy holiday novel, and wrapping it up with a pretty Christmas bow. All that’s left is for you to unwrap my gift…

Trigger Warnings:

This contains some filthy themes / tropes, so proceed with caution. Anal. DP. DVP. MMF. MFF. Mfmmmmmmm. Daddy. Spanking. Degradation. Praise. BDSM (hardcore). CNC. Stretch play. Goddess worship. Foot fetish. Fisting. Period play. Roleplay. Age gap.

Author Bio:

I’m as filthy as my books suggest, and the characters become my world.

I am a fantasist, living in the English countryside, with a great family and some amazing friends around me – mainly already mentioned in the acknowledgements.

I have a chameleon named after my late partner, Jon, who passed away in 2018.

He’d have been very impressed by the tribute.

I’m also epileptic, which has been quite a journey – still ongoing. Learning to live with disability when you’re used to being independent is… hard. My support network is incredible.

So, what else… I haven’t grown out of being a goth since I was seventeen. Black velvet is my friend. So is glitter. Strawberry and cream flavour Huel, long hair extensions, and Carl Jung.

Oh, and books. Writing them, reading them, losing myself in imaginary realities. I’m always right there.

I’m best known for my novels Sugar Daddies, Bait, Call Me Daddy, and the Dirty Bad series.

Author Links:

Tiktok - @jadewestauthor

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