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Review Tour: Win Him Over by CoraLee

Win Him Over by CoraLee is out now! Pick up your copy today of this daddy hero romance!

Cover Designer: Brittany Franks with Chaotic Creatives


Did I call him Daddy during a high-stakes contract negotiation? Maybe. Did it lead to the most exhilarating, off-the-record fling of my life? For legal reasons—and a very pointed look from my attorney—I’m advised to neither confirm nor deny any activities, particularly those rumored to have happened within the Pentagon’s walls.

Caught between the unstoppable force of my free-spirited ways and the immovable object that is Spencer Beckett, we ignited something unexpected.

A challenge turned into a game of whispered commands, each "Daddy" drawing us deeper into a thrilling, forbidden dance.

Can our fling find a place in the real world, or is it destined to be a delicious secret, tucked away in the files marked "classified"?

Welcome to a standalone romance of laughter, lust, and loophole navigation, right at the heart of CoraLee's Her Office series in the Her World Universe. Dive in—no background checks, security clearances, or prior series experience necessary.

About the Author:

CoraLee: Whipping up characters that go deep, bring the laughs, and stir the heart. Also known as the angsty author CoraLee June, "CoraLee" is the name stamping those rom-com pages. Ex-librarian and Texas State English grad (where daydreaming was practically a major), CoraLee is now writing books that make her giggle, while navigating Dallas life with three mini sidekicks and a hubby still figuring out the plot twist he’s in. CoraLee has a flair for turning every day into a comedy skit. Welcome to the chaos.

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