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Co-Owner of Chaotic Creatives with her bestie, Ari is a lead author assistant, lead graphic designer, audiobook proofer, and alpha reader. You'll find her surrounded by books and her collection of all things Twilight with a coffee mug in hand or lost in her garden as she grows all her favorite plants in her spare time.


The other half of Chaotic's owners, Britt is a lead author assistant, lead graphic designer, proofreader, and alpha reader. She spends her time fangirling over BTS, crocheting, making snarky jewelry, drawing, and many other crafty endeavors curled up with fuzzy blankets and watching dramas, reading, or gaming.

The Chaotic Team

The Team Behind The Chaos


The Chaotic Brit, our personal UK Queen, Cass is a lead author assistant and expert manager of chaos who is starting to dip her toes into the design world. When she's not busy wrangling the owners you'll find her binging both books and episodes of Supernatural with her adorable little office pup.


Heather's the one really in charge here. The one who keeps Ari & Britt organized and on schedule. Lucky for the world, we've decided to share her so she's also now taking clients as an author assistant. Heather also manages Chaotic's blog where she features books she loves. The glue of Chaotic Creatives can be found all over while she adventures on her travels with a book in hand!


The resident Canadian of Chaotic, Suzanne is our Influencer Event Manager. You can spot her in the wild at hockey games cheering on her beloved Canucks or hiding away with her diamond paintings creating the sparkliest of art in between devouring her favorite books.

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