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We try our best to get ARCs into the hands of as many influencers as possible, but there are limits on ARCs (at the discretion of the author) and final decisions on ARCs are determined by Chaotic Creatives and the Author.

Reasons you may be declined:

A history of not providing links to reviews for previous ARCS. A history of not posting at all after receiving an ARC. Having private accounts that don't allow us or the author to see that you are an active influencer/reviewer. A known history of piracy. The number of sign ups is also sometimes so high it is just not possible to provide an ARC to everyone who qualifies and in those cases, we use a random draw system.

We try to send ARCs a minimum of one week before release, but sometimes life gets in the way for authors and ARCs may be sent very late. When ARCs are sent late we always provide at least one extra week from the date they are sent to read and review.


We are currently only send ARCs via Bookfunnel for both security and to make the process easier for everyone, so most if not all ARCs you receive through our events will come from Bookfunnel.

If you sign up for an ARC to review you are expected to turn in link(s) to your review post(s) if you receive an ARC. We fully understand that life can get crazy and not every book is a perfect fit for everyone. If you receive an ARC and are unable to review please email us to let us know. We are more than understanding and happy to switch you to promo for the event you are unable to review for.

When signing up to participate in Influencer Events with Chaotic Creatives you are asked to agree to the following on the sign up form: When you sign up for an arc within the event and by accepting that arc, you are acknowledging this work is copyrighted material and are agreeing that no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission from the author.

Chaotic Creatives has a spoiler-free review policy. If you are found to have spoilers in your reviews as determined by the author or Chaotic Creatives and are contacted about them, you agree to remove spoilers as soon as possible.

If your review is lower than 4 stars you agree to contact us prior to posting your review.


Review policies

Event Packets

Cover reveals:

Cover reveal packets are sent early morning the day the reveal to minimize early sharing. Please be careful to fully read your cover reveal packet email when you receive it. We provide the time for when the cover is able to be shared and a link to a world time converter so you can be sure you are not revealing the cover too early.

Teaser Blasts:

Teaser blast packets are sent the day before the teaser blast and can be shared at any time on the teaser blast date unless otherwise specified in the email. We will always provide times and dates at the very top of your packet emails.

Release, Bookstagram, and Tours:

Packets for these events are always sent a minimum of two days prior to the release date. These packets contain all you need for all three of these events in one email.

All packet emails provide you with instructions, links to the form to turn in your post links, links to the packet gallery that also contains all you need, all book information, easy premade social media posts, and all graphics needed for the event. You are more than welcome to share your own graphics and wording if that is your preference.


Other Information

You can sign up for the Influencer Sign Up newsletter here!

If you would like to be sent all packets to share whenever you like you can sign up for the Master List here!

*Please note, the master list does not automatically receive ARCs, if you would like an ARC you must sign up for the specific event you would like an ARC for*


If you need help getting links from websites, please click HERE!

As always, with any questions or concerns, please email us at 

Suzanne Talkington- Influencer Event Manager


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