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New Release: Knot Now Knot Ever By Elizabeth Knight

Are you ready to dive into Eli's story with Knot Now Knot Ever by Elizabeth Knight? Pick up your copy today of the next installment of the Sunshine & Rainbows Omegaverse today!

Cover Designers: Kate Farlow with Y'all That Graphic


Lyra’s life hasn’t been all sunshine and roses, she knows what it means to be alone after losing her parents at a young age. Witnessing the devastation her mother experienced after losing her bonded Alphas made one thing clear to Lyra. Scent matching isn’t for her.

No archaic rules or a fluke of biology is going to tell her who to love. Not now and not ever. Friendship, compatibility, and hard work are the best way to find people to spend your life with. But all of it means nothing when her pack meets their scent matched Omega. Suddenly Lyra wasn’t wanted. Thrown out of their lives and completely alone, Lyra is forced to start over—again.

When a job offer in a city where no one knows her name seems too perfect to be true, Lyra jumps on it. Really, who would turn down the chance to be an executive assistant at one of the most powerful companies in the country. Getting away from the pack who broke her heart was just an added bonus.

But her first encounter with the person she’d been hired to work for doesn’t go as planned. Her new boss… is one of her Alpha scent matches. This brings Lyra face to face with the past she’s been running from her entire life. The more she lets them in, the more Lyra realizes she might be wrong—wrong about everything.

Maybe scent matches aren’t just a fluke. Maybe they’re the only thing that matters.

Please be aware in this omegaverse world both male and female omegas can get pregnant. The subject of male pregnancy is brought up and discussed, but no pregnancy will occur in this story.

Please follow this link for information in regards to this story:

About the Author:

Writing had been a long time hobby for Elizabeth. However, it wasn't something she thought they could make a living from. After her salon job was shut down due to the pandemic she was encouraged to take her writing more seriously. Elizabeth published her first reverse harem Discovering Synergy April 2020.

Since then her passion has turned into a full-time profession. Since making the switch Elizabeth has written prolifically, enjoying every minute of it. Elizabeth is constantly exploring new genres and ideas, putting her own twist on things. It’s incredibly hard work, but she's never been happier than when she sits down at her desk with new imaginary best friends to share with us all.

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