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New Release + Review: We Will Reign by Rachel Leigh

What a twisted torrid story... In We Will Reign We get Rylie Cross who is a freshman at BCU. She is looking forward to the freedom college brings, and wants to spread her wings while she is there. She is a Guardian for the Society and really just wants to live before she has to begin her duty as a Guardian. She is fun, sassy, and strong young lady. She holds a few secrets of her own, but when more mysterious things take place will her secrets stay hidden? When Ridge Foster lays eyes on her he decides that his perfect angel needs a dark angel to keep an eye on her at all times. He and his best friends each have positions in the Society, and they all have their orders to follow. Maddox and Lev are dark and mysterious in their own right, but their is just something about the things Ridge will do for Riley. He knows with her he can really live out his dark, delicious, and twisted fantasies. Highly recommend this dark and twisted book. You will find yourself engaged with is going on, and you will find yourself saying WTF did that really just happen. Looking forward to the next book!

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