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New Release: The Zarkov Bratva Duet by Penny Dee

The Zarkov Bratva Duet by Penny Dee is now live! Grab your copies of Bratva Lullaby & Midnight Poison today to binge read this enemies to lovers mafia romance!

Cover Designer: Cormar Covers

Bratva Lullaby:

I’m fake dating the boss of the Zarkov Bratva—what could possibly go wrong?

Lev Zarkov is a real-life monster.

No, correction, he’s actually the devil. 

Except, when I first meet him, he’s simply the mysterious, handsome man traveling next to me on a first-class flight to New York. 

And after being dumped at the altar by my loser fiancé who vanished into thin air the morning of our wedding, when things get flirty between me and the mysterious stranger, I think, why not?

Surely, I deserve one night to forget. I mean, where’s the harm in a little indulgence, right?

I’ll tell you exactly where the harm is. It turns out my one-night stand is not only the pakhan of the Zarkov Bratva, but he’s also a billionaire who is used to getting what he wants… and what he wants is me with his ring on my finger. 

I’m to appear in public as his fake fiancée, and in return, my loser ex will get to keep his brains inside his head.  

Every instinct tells me I don’t want to do this.

But Lev Zarkov can be very persuasive…

Bratva Lullaby is book one in the Zarkov Bratva duet. Brooke and Lev’s story concludes in book two, Midnight Poison.

Midnight Poison:

He took me as collateral to ensure my ex-fiancé kept the deal they made. 

But since then, Lev Zarkov has become so much more than the devil I thought he was.  

And now his baby is growing in my belly. 

I don’t want to leave him, but after one devastating night blows up our life, I know I have my baby to think about.

I tell myself that leaving is the right thing to do. But waking up without Lev in the middle of the night is pure midnight poison. 

I miss his touch. His smell. The warm, comforting way he would hold me in his arms and let me know how much he wanted me. 

But that isn’t the man who comes after me.

He’s angry. He’s formidable. He’s hurt

And now that he’s found me, he’s going to make me pay for breaking his heart. 

But there is a danger lurking in the shadows. 

And we’ll have to put our differences aside long enough to fight the invisible threat that could destroy everything. 

Midnight Poison is book two in the Zarkov duet and concludes Brooke & Lev’s story. 

About the Author:

Penny Dee writes contemporary romance about rock stars, bikers, hockey players and everyone in-between. Her stories bring the suspense, the feels and a whole lot of heat. 

She found her happily ever after with an Australian hottie who she met on a blind date.

Trigger Warnings: As this is a mafia romance there are darker themes threaded through the story.

Author Links:

Penny’s FB reader group:

Instagram: @pennydeebooks

TikTok: pennydeebooks

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