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New Release: Trapped By Beauty by Alisha Williams & Cassie Lein

Trapped By Beauty by Alisha Williams & Cassie Lein is ready to claw its way onto your Kindle! Grab your copy today of this monster why choose with a fairytale twist!

Cover Designer: Carol Marques


 Belle returns home to settle her father's affairs after his sudden death, only to find more than bargained for. Trapped with three monsters who resent her for her father's sins, and the only way out is to work together. Amidst the chaos, she discovers an unexpected comfort and a forbidden passion that defies reason. For what her father kept captive might just capture her heart.

Trigger Warnings:


Parental Death (Off page)

Mention of parent dying in childbirth

Monster Sex (These males do NOT shift)

About the Authors:

Cassie Lein:

Cassie resides in Northern Illinois on a farm with her husband and six kids. When not writing, she can be found reading, chauffeuring her kids around, or showing pigs. Cassie is a huge advocate for foster care and adoption. Enjoys a good horror movie, dark romance, and alcohol. You can find her sitting on her front porch enjoying watching her kids play while she writes. She has an English bulldog named Daisy and a barn kitten turned house kitten named Pumpkin. You should know Cassie is willing to go to war for her ferret Aurora.

Author Links:

Alisha Williams:

Hello! I’m Alisha Williams. I’m a little weird, very dirty minded and I love to talk. Ice coffee is life and books are my escape from reality. I write a little bit of everything, but mostly why choose with a LGBTQ+ spin. My books rage from light to dark. I mostly write contemporary but I also write omegaverse and paranormal. But, one thing you can always expect, is spicy content. I live in Alberta, Canada, with my husband and two awesome daughters. Writing has been a lifelong dream of mine. Never did I think I would get to write so many amazing stores, but I’m grateful everyday that this is a possibility.

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